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Banik Industries was found in the year 2014, inspired by our early winch dyeing companies naming Goodwill Processing House and Biplab Processing. Housing only soft flow machines for dyeing of knitted and polyester fabric, we deliver what we promise to our customers. We do not house a single winch to maintain our integrity as a reputed and trusted company.

With the blessings of the Almighty and our vision: “Driving Value through Quality Processing”, we have been able to leave our footprints in the local market as a very high quality dyers among the substrate field of sinker lycra, single jersey, and interlock within a very short of time. We are also happy to announce that apart from the local market of West Bengal, we are also getting orders from our nearby states Odissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, and etc. It is worth that as a third party, our processed fabrics has also been exported to the Middle East countries and also to some European countries as well.

Therefore, our standardisation in dyeing and finishing of fabric has earned us the reputation among customers from marketing arenas including local consumption to exporting.

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Vision & Mission


“Driving Value through Quality Processing” and how do we achieve the same?

We have criticised ourselves, learned from adversities, re-developed and have been building ourselves on EXPERIENCE, which does not come easy. Enough reason for us to leave no stone unturned when it is time to open up the can of experience and pass it on to our customers for mutual benefit.

Often times some things are taken for granted and we only realise that when they are lost. For us it is not only a job well done but CLOSENESS, in absence of which relationships with our customers are hard to build and this sets us apart. We as a medium sized company, make it a point of keeping our communications with our esteemed customer always open and our process transparent; hence, our mutual understanding is intact.

Some one once said that “Our mind is like a parachute, it only works when it it open..”. We refrain ourselves as a company from restricting within any set limit which will eventually will pull us back. Rather, our COURAGE to venture into new challenges every now and then drives us forward. Only with courage can we deliver value inspite of challenges like economic, socio economic, and technical.


We are in a business of building a strong and long term relationship by creating awareness among our customers in the field of dyeing, bleaching, finishing and upto manufacturing of garments:

  • Educate customers the difference between winch and soft flow dyeing.
  • Assist our customers in delivering the best quality of products to their end users.
  • Impart knowledge to our customers to avoid using harmful chemicals and colours (Sulphur based or Azo dyes) for the betterment of our future generations and mother nature.
  • Value for money against the orders placed by our customers.
  • Last but not the least; Our mission will not be successful unless our customers are fully satisfied and trust us with what we say and we do.

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Foreseeing investment and growth in the knitted garment industry we have partnered with like minded companies that offer the best and green solutions. One does not have to be a big trader or manufacturer of garments in order to build a relationship with us. Read More

Quality Control

  • Standard light fastness.
  • Standard wash fastness.
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